Sep. 3rd, 2013

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Thanks to everyone who shared the TV shows they're looking forward to this fall! I think I've now sorted out my fall TV viewing.

Returning shows I'm really excited about:
-Elementary: my favorite show on TV right now
-Person of Internet: the end of last season left the story in a fascinating place, can't wait to see what happens next
-Haven: OT3! OT3!

Other returning shows I'll probably be watching:
-Castle: I love Nathan Fillion, but enough already with the OTT relationship drama
-Criminal Minds: This show jumped the shark for me last season, but a formulaic crime drama can be so weirdly soothing

Dear-God-why-can't-I-quit-you shows that maybe this year I will actually quit:
-Mentalist: F*ck you, just tell us who Red John is already, although I seriously don't know why I even care
-Supernatural: This show really should have ended several seasons ago, but I enjoyed this past season pretty well, so I probably won't quit it unless it's just too mired in Winchester misery

New shows I'm giving a shot:
-Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D: Big shock I know!
-Sleepy Hollow: HEADS. WILL. ROLL. This looks ridiculous in the most delightful way.
-The Blacklist: If this show didn't have James Spader in it I would probably pass, but it does, so.
-Reign: What can I say? I enjoy overwrought historical dramas.
-Dracula: I can't tell if this looks interesting or just pretentious, but I'm going to tune in and find out.


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