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But actually I like Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous a lot. And not just because the title is funny.

Huh. Guess I'll need to listen to some more of their stuff.

(No, this isn't another April Fool's Day joke, I swear!)
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So, I know just yesterday I was talking about how cute Pete and Patrick are and how I couldn't imagine ever getting over this fandom. Sigh. Then I watched them this morning, DVR'd on Jay Leno, and I just...didn't feel it. I mean, okay, "America's Suitehearts" isn't my favorite song, but still. I'm really afraid the magic is over. And that means I'm going to be totally without a fandom. I'm so uninterested in TV these days I'm considering very seriously getting rid of cable altogether. I think I'm just going to read.

Cut for more sad, rambling talk of tarnished fandom love and disillusionment about television... )
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If you said Pete and Patrick, you're right!

I know, I know it's just a goofy little promotional thing, but Patrick is so adorable, and the way they smile at each other makes my heart melt, and I go "awwwwwwww!" every time Pete puts his arms around Patrick. Just...awwwwwww!
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Title: I slept with Pete Wentz, and all I got was some girly underwear
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~6,000
Summary: College AU in which Patrick joins a fraternity for the killer bands and gets more than he bargained for in the form of Pete Wentz.
Notes: Written for [ profile] megyal's Crossdressing Festlet.
Disclaimer. Not mine. Not true.

There were many things Patrick had imagined about going off to college: classes he'd blow off, fun he'd have, beers he'd drink. Winding up stripped down to his underwear, lined up with a dozen similarly half-naked guys, for the amusement of a bunch of assholes…well, that really wasn't what he'd pictured at all… )
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This is a little bit of comment fic that I'm reposting to my journal...

Title: Get It While You Can
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~750
Summary: Patrick is tired of peeling Pete's drunken butt up off the carpet the morning after. Pete is frustrated that Patrick won't stick to the script he has in his head of how this is supposed to go.

It's not quite enough to satisfy Pete's operatic need to be claimed, because what ever will be, but it comes close. So close… )
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Title: Probably they're against all the odds,
but hey, anything could happen

Fandoms: CSI New York/Law and Order (also really bandom)
Pairing: Chester Byron/Marty Dressler (aka Pete/Patrick as seen on your network crime drama)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~6,500
Summary: What happens when these two cons meet up on the inside.
Notes: By the time CSI New York went off, this story was already taking shape in my head. There was no way I could resist writing it.
Warning: Everything I "know" about prison, I "learned" from watching Oz.
Disclaimer: Not true. Not mine.

Marty has never been sentimental. Weeks turn into months becomes a year, and at no point does he call this thing with Chester a relationship, not even in the privacy of his own thoughts. They share an 8-by-10 world tolerably well and argue about movies (because Chester has truly execrable taste) and sometimes in the chinks of time between the guard's rounds they fuck. It's just a warm body, just something to remind Marty that he used to be a human being… )
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I tested my luck, and [ profile] linaerys wrote me Pete/Patrick comment fic! It's adorable van days schmoop! It's made me so happy I can't stop smiling!!

If you like Pete/Patrick at all, you should go and read it and tell her how awesome it is.

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That Pete and Ashlee are on CSI New York tonight! I don't even know why I'm looking forward to it so much (okay, except for the possibility of a Pete-gets-handcuffed scene), but I really am. And I still don't care how ridiculously embarrassing it is!
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Hey, my recent pimping has got me, like, three or four bandom converts. Watch out, world! I'm totally emboldened now. This set of recs is for [ profile] inteligrrl who wanted AUs.

A longish list of recs )

Also, here are links to my earlier recs sets:

Happy reading!
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But I CANNOT WAIT for Pete and Ashlee to be on next week's CSI New York. I hope Pete gets handcuffed!!!! That's not too much to ask, is it?
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I keep discovering these great Pete/Patrick stories I've somehow managed to miss before. I totally did not know there was a FOB/Supernatural crossover, and it's REALLY GOOD!

we all belong to the earth in the end, but this is just the beginning by [ profile] lazenby

Great dialogue. Cool supernatural case to solve. And Pete and Patrick are in love, as they should be!
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Yesterday was the first time I'd posted a Pete/Patrick rec in quite a while. I've been falling down on the job! But now that [ profile] svmadelyn is volunteering to be lured into bandom (sorry, [ profile] seperis!), I feel like I need to up my game a little. (If I were as organized and energetic as Madelyn, I totally would have seduced more people into this fandom by now.)

Anyway, here are some stories I've read and enjoyed lately, with a strong thread of kink running through them.

Get your kinky hot Pete+Patrick here )

Several of these stories came from the [ profile] sosodirty community, which posted kink for Valentine's Day. Check it out if you're in the mood for some non-vanilla hotness.


Mar. 8th, 2009 03:20 pm
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1. Losing an hour is HARD. I miss that hour. A lot. I know I'll be glad this evening when it's seven o'clock and still light out. But right now, I'm all: give me my damned hour back.

2. I had brunch with my friend and her daughter, and that was very nice. Walked home in 60 degree weather. Yay spring!

3. You know what I really want to see on my TV? A crossover episode thingy with Criminal Minds and The Mentalist, wherein the team from CM gets called in by a local jurisdiction on the Red John case, and Patrick Jayne shows up, all this is my case and I'm going to be the one to solve it. Can you imagine the CM team and how they'd react to Patrick Jayne? It would be awesome! And then, of course, the storyline would continue on The Mentalist, and maybe they'd catch Red John, but probably they wouldn't this time around, and then they could work together again, and there could be another crossover episode thingy again in the future. For the win!

4. Watched tons of baseball yesterday, and I know you'll all be shocked to hear it, but I STILL LOVE DEREK JETER. You know, just in case you were wondering.

5. This morning, I read, oh my God, this super, super satisfying Pete/Patrick romance novel Victorian AU in space story, wherein (that's my word for the day, by the way!) Pete is a rich, but rather shady gentleman and Patrick becomes his kept man to save his brother from gambling debts. Kept man! That's right below besmirching on the big list of things Lenore can't resist. I don't know how I didn't find this story sooner.

6. I'm excited that the The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency is going to be a show on HBO. I adore the books, and I hope I like the series, as well. Also, looking forward to Nathan Fillion in Castle. And some slashy goodness modern day biblical style in Kings.

7. MOST IMPORTANTLY! Thank you to my darling [ profile] anitac588 for the daisy for my profile page. That was so sweet of you. And happy International Women's Day to my dear ladies on my flist and everyone who stops by to visit. You are all awesome, and I'm so happy to know you.

WIP Meme

Mar. 5th, 2009 03:35 pm
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Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations [I'm planning to ignore this part of the meme]. No more than one sentence [and also this part *g*]!

Honestly, I think this is more WIP amnesty than anything else for me. Which is too bad! I do like some of these ideas.

1. The chorus had been going on all morning. The lion had started it. "Take it slow!"

I started this story for [ profile] scrunchy's birthday...I don't even know how many years ago. (Sorry, [ profile] scrunchy!) I have a page and a half, and it's funny. I like it! But I have no notes and absolutely no memory of what I had planned for the rest of the story. *sad face*

2. The moment the Ancient artifact went whoosh in his hands, lighting up as bright as a 100-watt bulb, pulsing through every color in the spectrum like some demented Christmas display, John knew he was in trouble.

Began this as a choose-your-own-adventure story. Got busy. Never finished it.

3. "I always knew I didn't trust that Jolly Green Giant dude." Dean just managed to duck as a carburetor went sailing past his head.

You wouldn't think writing a sex toy story starring Sam and Dean would be so difficult, but sadly, it was.

4. It's the stink of disinfectant, a big whiff of it, that John wakes up to, an experience all too familiar.

I was going to write the back-in-Atlantis sequel to Alpha Male, but I never did.

5. Rodney sleeps the way he lives, grasping and expansive. The sheet is tucked tightly beneath his chin, hand fisted in it as if he's fending off cover-nappers in his dreams.

I've been trying to write this voyeurism story for [ profile] barely_bean for a couple of years now. *fails*

Original stuff I'm still working on )

In other news, Elizabeth Bear is bumming me out so much. Please, please stop talking now, E. Bear.

Also, I'm being besieged by Russian spam. I wish this would stop, as well.

On the brighter side, Pete and Patrick are still ADORABLE.
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The lovely [ profile] linaerys is hosting a Porn Paragraph-a-thon on her LJ. Lots of great prompts up for grabs. I wrote--yes, I know you're going to be shocked!--some Pete/Patrick porn.

Title: Get It While You Can
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~750
Summary: Patrick is tired of peeling Pete's drunken ass up off the carpet the morning after. Pete is frustrated that Patrick won't stick to the script he has in his head of how this is supposed to go.
Notes: I usually like them schmoopy, but for whatever reason, this came out on the gritty side.

(In his fantasy, Patrick doesn't storm away. He lurks in a corner and tries to pretend he's not watching and works up a slow boil as Pete drinks too much and flirts too much and just generally acts like a whore...)
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Title: Invasion of the Patrick Snatcher
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Rating: PG
Word count: 1000
Summary: When Patrick starts acting unlike himself, Pete jumps to conclusions.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] picfor1000 challenge. Set in some mythical Fall Out Boy past before there were wives and babies. Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!
Disclaimer: Lies! All lies!

Pete stares, even after Patrick has gone. What the hell? Patrick doesn't read porn about them. He doesn't grope Pete's ass. Not even jokingly... )
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Today, I was rerererereading [ profile] adellyna's Patricksitting (I LOVE THAT STORY A LOT), and there's this line in there: "It is completely not possible to stay normal-colored when Pete Wentz is claiming you." I was like didn't I write a similar line about Lex Luthor once? And, actually, no. I didn't. It was about Superman, from Thrill Of A Lifetime: "If you didn’t come when the world’s most powerful being claimed you as his personal fucktoy, when were you going to come?"

But whatever. Details. I already had Lex and Pete in my head, so I started to think about how I could make that work. Hmm. Also, mmm. Maybe Lex has a record company? Maybe Clark is being especially tantalizing, yet annoying? Maybe Lex decides that dark and not-so-innocent could be his type, too? Pete and Lex in bed together...that would be a lot of pure sex in one place. I'm just saying!
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Title: Super Patrick
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Prompt: crimefighting
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1130
Summary: Patrick is super! Pete is a necessary distraction!
Notes: Full version of my entry for Porn Battle VII. Inspired by a comment [ profile] swanswan left in my LJ.
Disclaimer: Lies! All lies!

Hi, I'm Rick Stansfield for Channel 7 News, coming to you live from midtown, where an armed robbery was apparently thwarted this morning by, of all things, a singing crime fighter... )


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