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Here it is! The rules are simple:

1. Pick a prompt.
2. Write some comment porn.
3. Post it to this entry.
4. Please fill out the subject line like this: [fandom], [pairing], [sex toy]. Note: You don't have to include the entire prompt, since some of them are too long.
5. Read, comment, and have fun!

Note: This post is just for stories and comments. If you have questions, email me at

We have prompts in 25 fandoms!

Prompts )

The challenge will run until next Friday at midnight EDT. I'll compose a final post with links to all the stories submitted for the challenge, and I'll invite people to comment to the post with links to their own or to their favorite sex toys previously written. So the post will be a true sex toy porn-a-rama!
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There's still time to submit prompts that involve sex toys for the mini challenge. Any fandom, any pairing, anything goes! I originally said the deadline was midnight tonight, but I'm not going to compile the list until I get up in the morning. So anything posted before then is in.
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I often find myself thinking: There aren't nearly enough stories with sex toys in them. I know you're all shocked to hear this!

So here's a mini challenge. From now until tomorrow at midnight EDT, I'll be gathering prompts. Please comment with fandom, pairing, and prompt that includes a sex toy. Feel free to include a link to a specific item if you like! On Saturday morning, I'll post the prompts in a new post (you know, assuming that I'm not the only one who thinks this is a good idea! *g*), and then people can comment with their stories.

Hit me with some prompts! And please pimp!
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The party is still going on! The lovely and talented [ profile] isagel has written her first SGA story, taking the kink writing on skin and making it into hot, hot, poignant John/Rodney. It's Scrawl. Check it out!

Also, don't miss these other hot, delicious party favors:

[ profile] kassrachel: Speech, Rodney having to keep absolutely silent during sex
[ profile] lavvyvan: The Clothes That Make, crossdressing John
[ profile] justabi: Teyla and breast/nipple play
[ profile] ladycat777: John tied up, verbally dominated, coming without being touched, now with bonus Rodney POV; and Carson/Lorne/Cadman threesome
[ profile] ferret_kitty: The One Where Rodney Is Always Right
And yours truly: Glory hole diva John

It's not too late to play! Get your party favors here! And have yourself a dirty good time!

If you've written something for this that I haven't linked, please let me know.
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The Take a Kink as a Party Favor...well, party is still going on!

So far, these lovely party-goers have taken a favor and written some porn:

[ profile] kassrachel: Speech, Rodney having to keep absolutely silent during sex
[ profile] lavvyvan: Crossdressing John
[ profile] justabi: Teyla and breast/nipple play
[ profile] ladycat777: John tied up, verbally dominated, coming without being touched
And yours truly: Glory hole diva John

Come celebrate the kink! Get your party favors here! And write a treat for all of us!
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So, I did a poll about SGA characters and their kinks, and [ profile] kassrachel suggested I should give out the ideas like party favors for people to write, which I thought was a brilliant notion.

Then she went and took a party favor, yay!:
Rodney having to be completely silent during sex

And like any good hostess, I felt I should reciprocate:
Glory hole diva John

[ profile] lavvyvan got in on the action:
Crossdressing John

So...get your party favors here!
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Here's a little something-something for the Return of SGA Porntastic Jubilee I've started in my LJ.

Rodney/Cadman, NC-17, missing scene from Critical Mass:

Supply Closet Showdown

That's 1 episode down. 58 left to choose from. Come out and porn!!
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I meant to do this when the season first started back up on SciFi, but...anyway, here it is now! Come celebrate new eps by writing a little hot and sweaty something-something that's episode-related. Below you'll find a comment with the name of every SGA episode that's ever aired. (Including the back half of season 3 that aired in Canada, so be warned anyone who's trying to avoid those spoilers.) Choose one and write some porn (or non-porn if you prefer), any pairing, any anything, based on that episode. When you're done, leave it as a comment to the episode title. If you're having fun, do another! My goal is to have porn for each episode, so the Jubilee will go on as long as that takes.

Come on! Write some porn. You know you want to. And please spread the word!

Here's a running list:

Pilot by [ profile] elandrialore
Return, Part 2 by [ profile] vagablonde
Tao of Rodney by [ profile] ifylla
Critical Mass by [ profile] scribblinlenore
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I stayed home feeling sickly today with the sinus headache from hell, and I had this naive idea that maybe I'd get some writing done, since I have ideas for both my Nathan/Peter ficathon story and an SPN story, but I can't concentrate when I have a headache. So I needs me some entertainment. And I thought we could play a game!

I've been collecting interesting spam subject lines, because it amuses me, and as possible fodder for stories. So what say we make smutty prompts out of them! If you want to play along, pick a smutty spam prompt and comment with a little smutty something-something based on it, any fandom, any pairing, any anything you want. Fun, no???

Smutty spam prompts )

Or feel free to write smutty spam prompts of your own finding or to suggest more in the comments. Come entertain me, peoples!!
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Title: Scion
Fandom: SV/Profit
Pairing: Lex/Jim Profit
Rating: NC-17
Summary: To make an important deal, Gracen and Gracen has to demonstrate its moral fiber. Or at least appear more upright than its rival LuthorCorp.
Warnings: Those who are especially sensitive about consent issues may not feel comfortable reading this.
Note: This was written for the [ profile] black_dress_lex challenge. Big thank you to my darling [ profile] barely_bean for beta reading and encouragement.

The key to winning in the high stakes game of mergers and acquisitions is to thoroughly understand your competition… )
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I'm spreading the word here in my LJ that the deadline for the [ profile] black_dress_lex has been extended until Monday, March 19th to give everyone one more weekend to finish up. Stories should be posted by midnight PDT.

Also, I must pimp! There has been some great stuff posted for the challenge, pairing Lex up with Anderson Cooper, Stephen Colbert, Methos, and more! Check it out!
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Just wanted to remind everyone about the [ profile] black_dress_lex challenge. There have already been several entries posted, which you should totally check out, and you still have until March 15 to write 1,000 words about fandom's black dress Lex Luthor and aomeone, anyone from another fandom. If you feel inspired, come out and play!
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The lovely and generous [ profile] mailerose made a FABULOUS layout for [ profile] black_dress_lex. That's the challenge community for writing crossovers that feature Lex and...anybody you like. Lex is looking very black-dressy, indeed. Go check it out!

Thank you, thank you, [ profile] mailerose!
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My Sunday brunch friends and I often talk about how Lex Luthor is fandom's favorite little black dress. He's sexy, sophisticated, and he goes with everything. *g* So, I thought…let's have a challenge!

Welcome to the Everybody's Favorite Little Black Dress Crossover Challenge. Your mission, should you accept it, is to write a crossover story featuring Lex Luthor and…anybody else you want!

Here's the deal:

1. I have in mind Smallville's Lex Luthor, but any incarnation of the character is fair game.

2. Pair him up with any character(s) from any other show, movie, book, real life, whatever.

3. Lex must get some action, however you choose to interpret that.

4. Stories should be at least 1,000 words. Artwork is also welcome!

5. Challenge entries are due by the Ides of March (3/15). You can post them any time between now and them. Feel free to post them in the community I made for the challenge [ profile] black_dress_lex, or if not, please post a link there.

6. Have a Lexian good time! :)

It's a pressure free challenge. Visit [ profile] black_dress_lex to sign up. Please pimp! And if someone artistic wants to volunteer to spruce up the layout of the community, I would not say no! *g*
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Title: All In A Night's Work
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Reid/OMC, Reid/Hotch
Rating: Fandom Rated for Mature Persons
Summary: Going undercover has never been so revealing.

Notes: I'm sure this isn't in the FBI handbook. *g* Also, this was written a little belatedly for the Pink Shell Motel Challenge, which is still open, by the way.


You'll need to get close, make it realistic, or he won't show you his true colors... )


Also for my friends interested in Criminals Minds, I want to recommend a new-ish CM fic community [ profile] cm_slash started by the lovely [ profile] gblvr that's all slash all the time. Check it out!
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There have been many visitors to the Pink Shell Motel, with many interesting stories to tell!

Check it out:

Untitled by [ profile] ethrosdemon, Supernatural
At the Pink Shell Motel by [ profile] ingrid_m, BSG RPF, Kandyse/Alessandro, PG
The No-Tell Motel by [ profile] devildoll, SGA, Sheppard/McKay, PG-13
Running Again by [ profile] linaerys, Elizabeth/Ronon, PG
A Kal Mercychron: The Pink Shell Motel by [ profile] kyanoswolf, Smallville (Mercyverse), Kal/Mercy, PG-13
Snapshot by [ profile] rachel_shanz, SV, Clark/Lex, NC-17
Scott and David by [ profile] sparktastic, Original, PG-13
Optimism by [ profile] bibliotech, SGA, Rodney/Teyla, G
Halfway to Biloxi by [ profile] daysoflo, RPS, Jared/Chad
Untitled by [ profile] serabut, SGA, John/Rodney
Untitled by [ profile] mf_luder_xf, X Files, Mulder and Scully (no pairing), PG
Trusting Chloe by [ profile] epeters, SV, PG
Desire At The Hell That Is The Pink Shell Motel by [ profile] yavannauk, SV, Lex/Lana, NC-17
Clam Shell Confessional by [ profile] technosage, Original, m/m, NC-17
Untitled by [ profile] tzi, SPN, Sam, Dean, PG
Evolution Takes You To The Most Unlikely Places by [ profile] scribblinlenore, Prey, Tom/Sloan, NC-17

It's not too late to participate! The Pink Shell Motel will have vacancies as long as anyone is interested in writing a story.
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This is a multi-purpose story. It's my entry for the Pink Shell Motel Challenge (because at the Pink Shell Motel nothing is too tacky, including writing something for your own challenge). Also, a while ago, okay it was actually a year, I offered to write stories on demand for people, and typically didn't finish all the requests, and [ profile] partners4life asked for Prey, for Tom/Sloan, and I was really excited that I wasn't the only who had watched that show, and well...sometimes it takes me a year to do things. And then, too, this fulfills the Blast From The Past Challenge, since it's a defunct fandom and ye old cliche challenge material.

On a completely unrelated note, our Internet was down all afternoon at work, and man, I missed it. How did I waste time before it was invented? I honestly don't remember.

Title: Evolution Takes You To The Most Unlikely Places
Fandom: Prey
Pairing: Tom/Sloan
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sloan is reminded why instinct can be so dangerous, because it's so unerring.

Note: I don't see this as a non-con story, but people who are sensitive about such issues should read under advisement.


Evolution Takes You To The Most Unlikely Places )

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I'm bored, and here's a game, and come out and play, huh?

Here's an image:

So much could be happening here. Affairs. Honeymoons. Evading the law. Ghostbusting. You name it. Write a short scene, any fandom or original fiction. Leave it in the comments or post to your LJ and leave a link. Don't overthink it. Let your scene be as impetuous as the things that are going on in this fine establishment. Put your fandom/pairing/rating in the subject line. Otherwise, there are no rules at the Pink Shell Motel!
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The response to the challenge was amazing! So much great, great stuff. Stories and art and vids in so many fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Smallville, Supernatural, Nancy Drew, DC verse, Veronica Mars, Sports Night, and Harry Potter. Thank you to everyone who participated! And to anyone who wanted to create something or is still working on something, it's not called the "Summer of Love" challenge for nothing. This baby is open all summer long!

I'm going to be a space hog and not cut the list of the challenge responses. Please go and read or have a look, and send the creators some love.

All The Leaves Are Brown by [ profile] poisontaster (SGA, gen)
Where My Music's Playing by [ profile] poisontaster (SPN, Sam/Dean, PG)
Painted Black by [ profile] tiscwslabmuz (Nancy Drew, Nancy/Ned, PG-13)
I Fought the Law by [ profile] kyanoswolf (Joker, PG-13)
Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been? by [ profile] sanyin (SPN, John/Mary, slight John/Dean, R)
Shuffle (Greatest Hits of 1966) by [ profile] fairy_tale_echo (Veronica Mars, ensemble, Logan/Veronica, R)
Forget the Rolling Stones by [ profile] sakuracorr (SPN, gen, PG-13)
Sunshine Superman by [ profile] yavannauk (SV, Clark/Lex pre-slash, PG-13)
Safe and Warm by [ profile] moonlash_cc (SGA, McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka, NC-17)
Shapes of Things by [ profile] hyperfocused (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG to NC-17)
Don't Mess With Superman by [ profile] mahaliem (SV/DC, Superman/Lex, PG-13)
Psychotic Reaction by [ profile] scrunchy (SN, Dan/Casey, PG)
Hero Complex by [ profile] celli (SV/SGA/SPN crossover, gen, R)
Hungry by [ profile] chicklet_girl (SGA, John/Rodney, R)
It Bites by [ profile] candygramme (SPN, Sam/Dean ultimately, PG)
No Matter What Shape by [ profile] yavannauk (SGA, John/Rodney, NC-17)
I Would Not Feel So All Alone by [ profile] mosca (VM, Logan/Weevil, PG-13)
Evocation by [ profile] halfshellvenus (SPN, Gen, PG)

The perfect Lex icon to the tune of "The Sound of Silence" by [ profile] norwich36
I Am A Rock, an SPN vid by [ profile] carson_leigh (SPN, John Winchester)
634-5789, fan art that makes me want to reach for the phone! by [ profile] like_cheap_wine (multifandom)
Nowhere Man, a gorgeous drawing by [ profile] goss (HP)
Groovy kind of love McShep icon by [ profile] beeej

If I left anyone off, please let me know, and I'll add a link. And accept my groveling apologies! I'm a little organizationally challenge. *g*
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The Summer of Love challenge is now open! Post a list to your story, vid, artwork, etc. that's based on one of the top 100 songs of 1966 here. And thank you so much for taking part. It's a very, very happy birthday to me!


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