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As I may have mentioned once or twice or possibly way too many times, I went on a big reading tear in my first blush of Firefly love, and I promised I'd share the links to stories I'd enjoyed. This list is by no means comprehensive, because it didn't even occur to me to start bookmarking things until somewhat late in the whole process. So I'll be recc'ing the stories that I could find again. *g*

My first post is Mal/Simon, since that's the majority of what I've been reading. I also plan to make another post with other pairings, gen and crossovers.

Mal/Simon stories… )

Hope you enjoy the recs! Also coming soon will be Life on Mars recs.

ETA: I managed to leave off two of my favorites, which I've now added. Yes, I am organizationally challenged. Why do you ask? Also, if you have other Mal/Simon stories to recommend, please feel free to add them in the comments. The more Mal/Simon the merrier, I say!
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Right now!!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!
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I spent much of the evening working on a Mal/Simon story (one where their clothes actually come off, woohoo!), and now I have this scene in my head that's not even from this story, but from this other idea that I want to write, because I have, let's see, like four backlogged Firefly stories I'm dying to write now, now, now.

Anyhoo, in this scene Mal and Simon end up in a hotel room together, through various misadventures, while the Serenity crew is getting some shore leave, so they go with it and have sex. And later, they take a bath together, and Simon has his arms around Mal, and he's washing him, and he's amazed that Mal is letting him, letting him take his time and touch and explore. And Mal leans back against him, letting his head rest on Simon's shoulder, and he's telling a story and laughing, and Simon thinks that he's never seen Mal so relaxed before. Thinks that he really wouldn't mind seeing more of it. Thinks he could fall in love with Malcolm Reynolds if he isn't very careful.

*sighs* They're all wet and naked and smiling. It's damned pretty in my head. I wish I could take a picture of it and show you all!

In other news, while doing my music research for that commercial we're working on, I quite liked some Fall Out Boy songs, and watching the videos won me over to the charm of Pete/Patrick. So much so that I asked [ profile] swanswan for links.

So, yeah, it's like that, apparently. *g*

Although not to fret [ profile] anitac588, I still <3 John and Rodney best of all!
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Title: Scissors Can't Be Trusted
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: Mal/Simon
Rating: R
Summary: Simon protects his sister. Mal protects his crew.
Warning: Non-explicit non con (although not between Mal and Simon!)
Notes: Thanks to my dear [ profile] alizarin_nyc for looking this over for me and helping to calm my new fandom jitters.

River joins him after a while, willing to be found now that he's stopped looking for her. 'For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. Only sometimes the laws of physics don't apply. That's what we call overkill.' And then more lucidly, 'He's going to be fine, you know.' )
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Shocking, I know! Specifically, I was thinking how there needs to be much, much more fic, because...there just does. Then I thought maybe I should try to host a challenge, but then I wondered how much interest there would be in it. Hence, a poll.

[Poll #1135373]
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So much good stuff! I felt like I'd overloaded my squee circuit by the time I was finished.

First of all, I spent most of the day daydreaming about Firefly, which I really, really enojyed. A lot. Oh, oh, and I realized that my [ profile] picfor1000 story is going to be Mal/Simon, and I have a vague outline hashed out in my head. Whee!

Then, when I was finished (ostensibly) working, I watched "Safe" twice because... )

Okay, so if that wasn't enough, then it was Supernatural night with a brand new, shiny episode. (Yes, I will be using the word "shiny" a lot!)

Supernatural )

Okay, and then after that, I watched Torchwood, and that's when I think my squee actually burst into flames.

Torchwood )

And then I went to bed and couldn't sleep at all, because I was all giddy and fangirly and filled with happy, happy thoughts!
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1. Nathan Fillion is such a gorgeous, gorgeous man he makes me giddy. Giddy, I tell you!

2. I'm gorging myself on Mal/Simon stories. For the moment, that's my pairing. Although I've read Mal/Jayne, Simon/Jayne, Jayne/River, and Kaylee/Inara stories that work for me as well. I wish this fandom was as large as SGA, so I could just fall into the fic and never come out. *sighs dreamily*

I already have an idea for a story, but I want to finish watching all the episodes again first. They're even better the second time around!

In other news, I'm learning how to knit in the round thanks to the wonderful, generous [ profile] linaerys. Yay mittens!


Jan. 22nd, 2008 12:11 pm
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Thanks to my darling [ profile] barely_bean, I'm watching Firefly DVDs. Finally. Probably the last person in the world--or at least the last person on LJ--to get with the program. I did try watching the show when it first aired, because I was a huge Buffy fan, and I'll always be excited when Joss is doing something new. But that first ep really didn't grab me, and, well, um, I don't usually like cowboys. Even space cowboys. I know that's practically sacrilege.

(Although gay cowboys are always good, of course)

Anyway, friends clued me in that Fox in its infinite stupidity had aired the episodes out of order. It makes all the difference when you see them in the proper order, they assured me. I was dubious, but wow! It's so true. You come out of that first episode really understanding and caring about the characters.

I care about these crazy space cowboys, people!

I'm through episode six. And man, do I have it BAD for Captain Mal. What can I say? I might not be much on cowboys, but I love me some captains. *g*

So, um, that's it, really. I just wanted to say: YOU WERE RIGHT. I WAS WRONG. IT'S A FABULOUS SHOW.


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