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The problem with going all multi-fannish is that I can't keep up with my friends list anymore, so I did some trimming. I took off journals that haven't been updated in a while, but sometimes it's hard to tell who's still around and who isn't, and I have the worst memory ever. So it's a haphazard thing at best.

All my stories and much of my squee about my shows are public. But still, if I've taken you off my flist and you want back on, just let me know.
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My flist is once again edging up toward the maximum allowed. I went through and defriended some journals that haven't been updated in an age and that I don't remember seeing the people around anywhere and our interests seemed to have diverged. But, honestly, my memory is crap, and I'm always like: Hey, I hope not cutting somebody who just commented on my journal yesterday.

Long story short, if you want me to add you back, just let me know.
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I just went on a big SGA friending spree, people who have commented in my LJ or whose stories I love or who just seem really excited about the show.

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I was about to hit the max on the number of people I can have on my flist, so I had to cut it back. I defriended:

--Read-only journals

--Journals that aren't updated frequently or seem to have been abandoned

--Journals whose content doesn't appear to be primarily fannish

--I can't read the language the journal is in

Nothing personal. I'll be making all my fiction posts public, so if that's why you're here, it won't matter if you're on my flist or not. If anyone is really upset, comment. I'll add you back. Unless it's a read-only journal. If we're friendly and I cut you off my list, it's an accident! Let me know. It took HOURS to go through the whole thing, and my eyes were definitely crossing at times.

/tedious defriending announcement


Mar. 7th, 2005 09:17 am
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I just went through my friends list and took off some people who never friended me back. If you're one of them, and you did actually want to be on my friends list, but just never friended me back. Email me at and let me know.

This is FYI. I don't feel comfortable having people on my friends list who don't friend me back. If you ask me to friend you, and I do, and you never add me back, I will eventually end up taking you off. Hey, what can I say? I guess I have some insecurities. But I just like these things to be a two-way street.


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