May. 30th, 2008 10:17 am
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It was just announced that [ profile] legomymalfoy won the LJ election. Yay for the voting power of fangirls!
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[ profile] svmadelyn had a brilliant idea (as she is wont to do!) about how to try to wield our fannish power on LJ by voting as a block in the LJ election. You can read about her plan here. Frankly, I was completely clueless about who to vote for, but I did want to vote, because I think it's important. Joining [ profile] fandom_votes seems like a good way to find out about the candidates and do what we can to install someone sympathetic to fandom on the advisory committee.

Go check it out and see what you think! And help spread the word, if you're so inclined.
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You know, I wasn't all that in an uproar about LJ deciding not to offer free accounts anymore, because they're in business to make money, and the change seemed fairly inevitable to me. I did find it more worrying about the data mining, but again, I don't really labor under the illusion that privacy actually exists anymore, most especially on the Internet. Part of my cynicism on that score comes from working in advertising, and part of it comes simply from living in the world.

But you know what I do have a problem with? Having a business that I give money to publicly and loudly express their disdain for their customers. That really pisses me off.

So, even though I wasn't planning to take part in the boycott on Friday, now I am. Because when somebody gives me the finger, I give it right back.

ETA: Here are two translations of the interview: (thanks to [ profile] kymbr for the link) (thanks to [ profile] lapetite_kiki for the link)

There's some difference of opinion in the translation, and it may alter how inflammatory the remarks seem. Although I'm not sure it does for me personally.

Backup Plan

Jun. 3rd, 2007 05:49 pm
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So...I don't know what will happen with LJ. I like to think nothing. But just in case, I've been making multiple backup plans. I haven't decided yet which I think is best. For now, you can find me at these places:

Greatest Journal - 1,000 user pics, already have a friends list going there

Multiply - Found this through [ profile] herohunter, you can import your entire LJ, which is cool, but not comments, which is less cool, and I find the interface too busy and confusing.

Insane Journal - Found this through [ profile] ingrid_m, a permanent account for only 30 bucks, cool, 300 user pics, also cool, not too crazy about the main navigation, but it's not a dealbreaker.

To inaugurate my new Insane Journal, I posted a little SV snippet I've had lying around. It's:
Yul and Skippy and The Fate of the World

Stop by and check it out, and if you have an IJ, I'd love it if you'd friend me.
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My flist is once again edging up toward the maximum allowed. I went through and defriended some journals that haven't been updated in an age and that I don't remember seeing the people around anywhere and our interests seemed to have diverged. But, honestly, my memory is crap, and I'm always like: Hey, I hope not cutting somebody who just commented on my journal yesterday.

Long story short, if you want me to add you back, just let me know.
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I was about to hit the max on the number of people I can have on my flist, so I had to cut it back. I defriended:

--Read-only journals

--Journals that aren't updated frequently or seem to have been abandoned

--Journals whose content doesn't appear to be primarily fannish

--I can't read the language the journal is in

Nothing personal. I'll be making all my fiction posts public, so if that's why you're here, it won't matter if you're on my flist or not. If anyone is really upset, comment. I'll add you back. Unless it's a read-only journal. If we're friendly and I cut you off my list, it's an accident! Let me know. It took HOURS to go through the whole thing, and my eyes were definitely crossing at times.

/tedious defriending announcement


Mar. 7th, 2005 09:17 am
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I just went through my friends list and took off some people who never friended me back. If you're one of them, and you did actually want to be on my friends list, but just never friended me back. Email me at and let me know.

This is FYI. I don't feel comfortable having people on my friends list who don't friend me back. If you ask me to friend you, and I do, and you never add me back, I will eventually end up taking you off. Hey, what can I say? I guess I have some insecurities. But I just like these things to be a two-way street.
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Given the recent spoiler hoo-ha, I'm posting my policy from my user info here.

I'm spoiler free, and I don't filter my friends list. So I *really* appreciate the efforts people on my list make to use cut-tags. Opinions about what constitues a spoiler do vary, of course, and if I feel mine are incompatible with yours, I will defriend. No hard feelings, I hope.

If I defriended you, it's because of this, not because I have a personal grudge against you.
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I've always liked having an open journal. The problem is that I read it at work, a lot, and there have been too many times lately when people have materialized at my desk, reading over my shoulder before I even realized they were there. This includes my boss. Half the office could know my LJ name by now. So, finally, I've come to the decision that it would be foolhardy of me not to lock my journal. The idea that my co-workers might be reading it is just too-- *shudder*

If you're already on my friends list, you'll stay there. If you're not and want to be, just add me. As long as I'm relatively certain you're not my mother, my boss or John Ashcroft, I'll add you back. *g*

If you don't already have an LJ, it's easy (and free!) to get one. Just go to the main Live Journal page and follow the appropriate links. You can always treat yours as a read-only journal if the idea of nattering on about yourself the way I do isn't that appealing to you. :D

I'm also going to make a more concerted effort to keep my website better updated with all the fiction I post to my journal. And I'll continue to archive non-snippet stuff at SSA.

So that's my story. I regret the people I may never get to know because I've gone into lockdown mode, but I need the peace of mind. I hope anyone who's been lurking will stick around. You're certainly welcome.

Unless I work with you, that is. *g*


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