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This is something that comes up every now and then for me personally, and now it's come up for fandom in general since it's summer and these issues always crop up when there's nothing to watch on the TeeVee.

Cutting for length )
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I am home sick today with the sinus headache from hell--that I've had since freakin' Sunday. In the spirit of keeping my priorities straight (or crooked, as the case may be), I did drag myself out of bed to sign up for [ profile] estrella30's car porn challenge. Hopefully, I will get my porn writing mojo back between now and the end of April when the story's due.

In the meantime, I'm using the three brain cells I have that don't hurt to write about that all-important subject: Television!

It's been on my mind lately how accustomed I am to seeing nothing but young, skinny, pretty people on TV. I know some of you guys out there watch more critically, with those issues in mind. But me? I'm brainwashed most of the time, never really stopping to think about it or question it. And, hey, it's not like I don't enjoy the young hotass. Look at how I slobber all over the J's.

But…occasionally I'll watch something that makes me go: Hey, why don't I see more of this? And here are a few of those instances I've had lately. Be warned that there are some mild spoilers for recent episodes.

Boston Legal: How You Don't Have to Be Young to Be Hot )

Grey's Anatomy and Criminal Minds: How You Don't Have to Be a Size Two to Be Hot )

So that's it, all I got. My three functioning brain cells are tired now, and I'm thinking it's time for a nap.
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Hello, my name is Lenore, and I will be your Sam Winchester apologist for the day. 'Cause the things people say about Sammy? Oh, they disturb me. Here are some thoughts on why I think people misread Sam, and also some optimism about that scene in "Shadow," you know the one I mean.

Why people spend good money on therapy to learn to be more like Sam Winchester

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Why THAT conversation in Shadow is not the end of the world (spoilers)

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