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The state of me and writing:
I think I'm kind of, sort of, hopefully coming out of the "writing makes my brain hurt" thing that's been going on since the summer. I mean, it does still make my brain hurt a little, but not so much that I can't do it. I've been having fun with my Little Black Dress Crossover Challenge story, Fall Out Boy/Burn notice. Pete turns to Michael Westen for help when Patrick's been kidnapped. What's not to enjoy, really? *g* But it's already 10,000 words, and I'm half done? Two-thirds done? Definitely not nearly done enough. Ten thousand words is about as much as I can write comfortably. I'm at the point where I wish I could pay somebody to finish it for me. But...I guess I can't. Unless there are volunteers? *smiles winningly* Seriously, though, I admire people who write long story after long story. I wish it came more naturally to me.

Sometimes, this idea I have that I could someday write a novel is really kind of funny.

There's still time to sign up for the Little Black Dress Crossover Challenge! Or don't sign up and just surprise me! Late entries welcome! It's all good!

Firefly REC!
The lovely, talented [ profile] alizarin_nyc wrote me an amazing, hot, sweet, perfect Mal/Simon story for my birthday, The Flying Game, which you should run, run, run to read if you're a fan of this pairing. It was just everything I love about these two, with bonus drunken dancing and Simon turning the tables and sweet fumbling sexy sweetness. Yay story!
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So, you all know how there are just some characters that are fandom's little black dresses? They go with anything, and you can mix and match them to your heart's delight. Well, it's time to pair them up!

Little Black Dress Crossover Challenge

I did a similar challenge a while back with Lex Luthor as the little black dress. But Challenge 2.0 is bigger, better and black-dressier! This time around, you choose your own little black dress. Methos. John Sheppard. Michael Westen. Pete, Patrick, Gerard...hey, pretty much anyone from bandom! *g* And then hook them up with somebody, anybody from a different fandom. If you love crossovers, this is the challenge for you!

Check out details at the [ profile] black_dress_lex community (ignore the name! changing it was too much trouble), and while you're there, put in your two cents about who makes a snazzy black dress. Also, please pimp! It will make me so happy!

ETA: Signups are here.
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Sex Toy Porn-a-rama Update

Important announcement: The deadline is extended through the weekend! I'll post a final list on Monday morning. To date, we have a number of entries, all hot, hot hot:

Seeing Red, Smallville, Clark/Lex, Red!K dildo, by [ profile] yavannauk

A Gift, SGA, John/Rodney, AMTDI with anal beads, by [ profile] mf_luder_xf

Untitled, SGA, John/Rodney, somebody discovers the Ancient sex toy chest, by [ profile] alizarin_nyc

The Art of Losing, SGA, John/Rodney, John loses a bet and has to wear a butt plug to a meeting, by [ profile] kassrachel

Cold Hands, Warm Heart, Firefly, Simon/Mal, fur-lined handcuffs, by [ profile] executrix

There's still time to come out and play!

Cookbook Recs

My mission for 2008 is to change what I cook and how I eat so that I'm getting more vegetables and whole grains. Do you guys have any recs for vegetarian cookbooks you like? I'd be more interested in ones that concentrate on veggies, grains and beans than tofu or seitan. Help a gal out?

Two things

Apr. 1st, 2008 10:11 am
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1. Instead of baseball last night, I rewatched My Beautiful Laundrette with some friends. It was a very nostalgic experience. I first saw the movie in college. There was a theater in the student union that showed indy films for two bucks. I went to see this with my roommates, and then I went back the next night by myself, and when the film started playing at the art house theater in town, I went to see it again. It was my slashy coming of age!

I went looking for fan fic for the movie last night and couldn't find any. There really, really ought to be some.

2. As a reminder, the Sex Toy Porn-a-rama is open for business. Check out this hot, hot story:

Cold Hand, Warm Heart, Firefly, Mal/Simon, fur-lined handcuffs, by [ profile] executrix

Come out and play, my porn writing friends. There are lots and lots of prompts to fuel the imagination!
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Here it is! The rules are simple:

1. Pick a prompt.
2. Write some comment porn.
3. Post it to this entry.
4. Please fill out the subject line like this: [fandom], [pairing], [sex toy]. Note: You don't have to include the entire prompt, since some of them are too long.
5. Read, comment, and have fun!

Note: This post is just for stories and comments. If you have questions, email me at

We have prompts in 25 fandoms!

Prompts )

The challenge will run until next Friday at midnight EDT. I'll compose a final post with links to all the stories submitted for the challenge, and I'll invite people to comment to the post with links to their own or to their favorite sex toys previously written. So the post will be a true sex toy porn-a-rama!
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There's still time to submit prompts that involve sex toys for the mini challenge. Any fandom, any pairing, anything goes! I originally said the deadline was midnight tonight, but I'm not going to compile the list until I get up in the morning. So anything posted before then is in.
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I often find myself thinking: There aren't nearly enough stories with sex toys in them. I know you're all shocked to hear this!

So here's a mini challenge. From now until tomorrow at midnight EDT, I'll be gathering prompts. Please comment with fandom, pairing, and prompt that includes a sex toy. Feel free to include a link to a specific item if you like! On Saturday morning, I'll post the prompts in a new post (you know, assuming that I'm not the only one who thinks this is a good idea! *g*), and then people can comment with their stories.

Hit me with some prompts! And please pimp!
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[ profile] toomuchplor is hosting a most fun six-word story challenge on her LJ today. Go forth and be brief! *g*
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The party is still going on! The lovely and talented [ profile] isagel has written her first SGA story, taking the kink writing on skin and making it into hot, hot, poignant John/Rodney. It's Scrawl. Check it out!

Also, don't miss these other hot, delicious party favors:

[ profile] kassrachel: Speech, Rodney having to keep absolutely silent during sex
[ profile] lavvyvan: The Clothes That Make, crossdressing John
[ profile] justabi: Teyla and breast/nipple play
[ profile] ladycat777: John tied up, verbally dominated, coming without being touched, now with bonus Rodney POV; and Carson/Lorne/Cadman threesome
[ profile] ferret_kitty: The One Where Rodney Is Always Right
And yours truly: Glory hole diva John

It's not too late to play! Get your party favors here! And have yourself a dirty good time!

If you've written something for this that I haven't linked, please let me know.
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The Take a Kink as a Party Favor...well, party is still going on!

So far, these lovely party-goers have taken a favor and written some porn:

[ profile] kassrachel: Speech, Rodney having to keep absolutely silent during sex
[ profile] lavvyvan: Crossdressing John
[ profile] justabi: Teyla and breast/nipple play
[ profile] ladycat777: John tied up, verbally dominated, coming without being touched
And yours truly: Glory hole diva John

Come celebrate the kink! Get your party favors here! And write a treat for all of us!
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So, I did a poll about SGA characters and their kinks, and [ profile] kassrachel suggested I should give out the ideas like party favors for people to write, which I thought was a brilliant notion.

Then she went and took a party favor, yay!:
Rodney having to be completely silent during sex

And like any good hostess, I felt I should reciprocate:
Glory hole diva John

[ profile] lavvyvan got in on the action:
Crossdressing John

So...get your party favors here!


Jul. 6th, 2007 01:15 pm
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You guys should check out [ profile] mahaliem's Do Your Worst Drabble Challenge, multi-fandom and badtastic!

I made my own terrifying contribution: The End of Everything (SGA)
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I had a fabulous birthday, in no small part because of my friends on LJ. You guys are the best! I have some pimpin' and some thank yous to offer.

1. The wonderful, wonderful [ profile] alizarin_nyc wrote me a hot, hot, oh boy, HOT SGA story, Special Favors. [ profile] alizarin_nyc asked me what I'd like, and I said something sexy with Teyla and whoever, and, hey, if there was a strap on, that would be good, too. And...she wrote it for me! And put Rodney in it! Because...she knows me well! *g* Go, read, share in the joy of my fabulous present.

2. Thank you again to [ profile] hackthis for my Nathan/Peter story, wherever you go, the earth just opens up, which is hot, hot, and ooooooh, did I mention there's amnesia??? I was a VERY lucky birthday gal this year.

3. Kisses to [ profile] tvm, [ profile] oxoniensis, and [ profile] burntsm0re for the cupcake, party hat and noisemaker on my user info page. When I found the notices in my email on the morning of my birthday, I was all: Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

4. Hugs to everyone who emailed me or sent a card or left a comment or posted a birthday wish on their LJ. I felt very loved!

You all made 41 one of my best birthdays yet! :)
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I'm getting a great story written for my birthday!!

wherever you go, the earth just opens up by the lovely, lovely [ profile] hackthis

Go. Read. Enjoy. I'll be here squeeing.
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The lovely, lovely [ profile] anatsuno made a recording of my story Freefall. You can find it posted at [ profile] sgapodfic here.

Wow. I told [ profile] anatsuno that hearing one of my stories read aloud is overwhelming in the best possible way. I've always secretly hoped that someone would want to record something I've written, and it's even cooler than I imagined! Honestly, I've never really checked out any of the podfic communities because I only recently acquired an IPod. So I did some exploring after I listened to my story, porny things are even pornier read out loud. I think I like it!!!!
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Here's a little something-something for the Return of SGA Porntastic Jubilee I've started in my LJ.

Rodney/Cadman, NC-17, missing scene from Critical Mass:

Supply Closet Showdown

That's 1 episode down. 58 left to choose from. Come out and porn!!
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I meant to do this when the season first started back up on SciFi, but...anyway, here it is now! Come celebrate new eps by writing a little hot and sweaty something-something that's episode-related. Below you'll find a comment with the name of every SGA episode that's ever aired. (Including the back half of season 3 that aired in Canada, so be warned anyone who's trying to avoid those spoilers.) Choose one and write some porn (or non-porn if you prefer), any pairing, any anything, based on that episode. When you're done, leave it as a comment to the episode title. If you're having fun, do another! My goal is to have porn for each episode, so the Jubilee will go on as long as that takes.

Come on! Write some porn. You know you want to. And please spread the word!

Here's a running list:

Pilot by [ profile] elandrialore
Return, Part 2 by [ profile] vagablonde
Tao of Rodney by [ profile] ifylla
Critical Mass by [ profile] scribblinlenore
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During one fangirl outing, [ profile] moonlash_cc passed around her new Gay Pulp address book, which was the best thing ever, and we were all: this should be a challenge. And now [ profile] moonlash_cc has made it so:

Gay Pulp Challenge

The Gay Detective. His Brother Love. The Gay Rebels. Oh, how can you resist? Go check it out. It's worth reading the descriptions, at the very least. And sign up to write some fannish gay pulp!!
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Calling all Nathan/Peter fans! The lovely [ profile] linaerys has organized a fic-a-thon for the hiatus. Go here to sign up. You have until the end of the day to decide if you want to participate and the stories are due April 8.

Get your fix of hot brother touching while we're waiting for new eps!
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Check out the new John/Rodney zine Surfacing from Duet Press that will be debuting at Escapade. I've been reading all the blurbs, and I'm eagerly, eagerly awaiting my copy. Go have a look!


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