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It's starting to feel like spring, when a gal's imagination drifts off to...anything other than what she's supposed to be working on. Hence, a poll! A poll dedicated to randomness! And romance!

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Get Your Words Out:

In February, I wrote ~37,000 words.
--Finished the rough draft of my [ profile] bandombigbang
--Started an original hooker story that I'm hoping to submit to a male/male romance anthology that has a sex worker theme
--Wrote a few short bandom stories

For March, my goals are to:
--Edit my advertising story (original m/m)
--Edit my bandombigbang story
--Finish my original hooker story

We'll see how that goes!

I've been finding that working on original writing and something fannish at the same time helps me keep productive. I need a new fannish project. So...a poll! (All the options are Pete/Patrick, because that's what all my ideas are about these days. But if you want to suggest something else, feel free.)

[Poll #1358298]
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I've been having this conversation lately with fangirl friends about how nothing is really lighting the old fannish fires lately. And it made me wonder: What is everyone else watching? What are other people fannish about? So...a poll! Feel free to give details in the comments.

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I've been curious about what people's bannish preferences are, and it's Friday, and I thought: Hey, why not a poll? For my friends who are muttering "dear God, here we go about bandom again," I have a special question just for you. :)

Also, I wanted to thank [ profile] sanami276 for the icon I'm using. It's lovely and it makes me happy and thank you!

Come in and see my, I mean, take my poll! )
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I saw this going around my friends list, and it looked like fun!

[Poll #1269841]

In other meme-age, I filled in the songs no one managed to guess in the first line music meme, if anyone was wondering.
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Shocking, I know! Specifically, I was thinking how there needs to be much, much more fic, because...there just does. Then I thought maybe I should try to host a challenge, but then I wondered how much interest there would be in it. Hence, a poll.

[Poll #1135373]
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My desire to do something productive tonight is...well, non-existent. Hence a poll. Featuring the new (at least to me) and the shiny.

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Okay, so [ profile] amireal convinced me that there could be both a grabby princess and a ZPM making John and Rodney pretend to be gay. The poll was almost a dead heat when I closed it. Also, I'm easy. *g*

Choose your own porn: John and Rodney pretending to be gay, Part 1 )

[Poll #1113831]

Polls close at eight o'clock!

Okay, the voting is done! You wanted outfits, makeup and a tea ceremony, you got it. *g*
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It appears that "pretending to be gay" won the New Year's Dirt poll. "Forced to marry" came in a close second, and as the lovely [ profile] anitac588 pointed out, the two themes do go very naturally together. Also, I'll see what I can do for the tentacle sex people...just because. *g*

I decided this really should be choose your own porn. Therefore, another poll! Results in an hour.

[Poll #1113743]

ETA: Okay, Temple of Man Love it is!
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I've been so lazy since I got back from my family's house. Instead of going out tonight, I just want to stay in and hang out and ring in the New Year with some SGA porn. So...a poll. Whatever is winning in an hour, that's what I'll write.

[Poll #1113712]

And the winner is...pretending to be gay!
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I am so bored at work today, and it's way too hot in here, and I can't concentrate, so I can't write, and I've now run out of things to read on the Internets. So...a poll! About John and Rodney's first kiss, because...well, I like thinking about John and Rodney's first kiss. :)

[Poll #1098076]
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I still want to do a Heroes kink poll and possibly some others, but I didn't have the time today. So I thought: why don't I see how well my flist (and others) know me. *g*

[Poll #1089808]
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I think Mondays are a good day for polling. It makes my day go faster! So here's the next kink poll. Keep in mind that I haven't watched SV since season 4, so it's possible I'm kind of out of touch. *g*

Kinkin' Smallville Style )

ETA: Sorry, Lois fans! I haven't seen her in enough episodes to include her in the poll, but if you'd like to speculate about her kinks, I started a thread for it here.

Also: Party Favors. When I did this poll thing for SGA, people took ideas from the poll as party favors and posted some comment porn. If the mood strikes you, feel free!
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So in my poll about polling, match the character to the kink won. I decided to do separate polls for my major shows, so I could include more characters. Because...well, it was entertaining me! *g*

Kink-o-rama )
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Also, it's cold in my apartment. Not that the poll will help with that. :)

[Poll #1077952]
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I'm toying with the idea of doing an advent thing again, only with fannish tropes instead of holiday themes, since I pretty much exhausted all my holiday inspiration last year. It all depends on how busy I am. But even if I don't, I thought it would be fun to see which fannish tropes are people's favorites. Hence a poll! In three parts due to length.

Fannish tropin' on a Monday )
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I wanted to thank everyone who has sent me well wishes. I'm feeling much better and hope to be able to answer messages individually soon. To further my recovery, I thought: A poll. That's just what I need! Because dreaming up John-and-Rodney scenarios is very healing. *g*

Check out the descriptions beneath the cut tag and vote for your favorite SGA Harlequin AU storyline.

[Poll #1045991]

AU Descriptions )
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I have not been able to make myself do anything productive today. So I thought: I know! A poll! *g*

[Poll #1025092]

The Scenarios )
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After a fabulous fangirly Friday evening, I spent most of the rest of the weekend feeling under the weather. I called in sick yesterday, and I don't feel too much better today. I was hoping to leave early, but the meeting I came in for was rescheduled for five. Blah!!!

So, to make myself feel better, and as an antidote to the strain of Puritanism that's been too much in evidence on LJ lately, I made a poll. A DIRTY poll. I hope you'll join in the dirt.

[Poll #1002030]

Dirty scenarios that I like to ponder )


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