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Okay, this didn't come out entirely fluffy. Veronica is just too tough for that!

Day Nine: The Secret Language of Cookies, VM, mostly Gen, tiny whiff of Logan/Veronica, PG-13

ETA: OOPS! I totally forgot to warn for spoilers. They're in here, for the most recent episode, 3x09. I'm SO sorry if I spoiled anyone before. Mea culpa!

Day Nine: The Secret Language of Cookies )
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I've come to the conclusion that Veronica Mars just covers too much ground too quickly for me to ever really write in the fandom. This is another story that got jossed all to hell. It's Lilly/Weevil, and I started it way back when in the first season when Logan made that tribute to Lilly, and Weevil got a misty look, and the story behind that might actually have been interesting. It was no time before the show had made it totally irrelevant, but I kept going, because I liked the opening. Then we found out more about Lilly and Weevil and their relationship, and the characterizations didn't even fit anymore. So I stopped working. And this thing has been an albatross around the neck of my hard drive ever since.

I could just let it rot on my computer, but it's half finished, damn it! I could wait for [ profile] wip_amnesty to dump it. But I'm organizing my files now, and I just feel like letting it go. Goodbye little story idea! You were obsolete before your time.

Lilly's Got a Secret )
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This is a reminder that the new Veronica Mars drabble community [ profile] tuesday100 will launch tomorrow. We're working on getting some nifty art for it, thanks to the lovely and talented [ profile] oxoniensis. And I have a long list of possible debut drabble topics that I'm trying to whittle down.

I hope all the VM fans on my flist will come out and support it. Write a drabble. Read some drabbles. Leave comments if you're so inspired. Should be fun!

To post a drabble, you need to be a member of the community. Go to the community user info to get all the details and to join the community or add it to your friends list.

Please pimp to anyone interested in VM! And thanks!
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I've been emboldened by all the interest in the recent Veronica Mars drabble challenge that [ profile] fairy_tale_echo and I held. So I've created a new community for weekly VM drabbling. It's called Tuesdays in Neptune, and you can find it at [ profile] tuesday100. Not that there's much to see there right now. It will officially launch with the first challenge this coming Tuesday, around 11 p.m. Eastern time. Go to [ profile] tuesday100 info for rules and details.

I hope all you Veronica Mars fans out there will join the community and participate. Write drabbles. Read and leave comments and suggestions. Please pimp this in your own LJ. I'd love to see this thing take off!
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Yesterday, [ profile] fairy_tale_echo and I extended a Veronica Mars drabble challenge.

Go here for details and for links to the drabbles submitted so far.

We've had some wonderful answers to the challenge. Yay! And to hopefully entice more of you to participate and because the lovely [ profile] svmadelyn asked, I'm extending the deadline until midnight Friday.

That's 100 words. More than 36 hours to write them. When has a challenge ever been so simple? *smiles encouragingly*
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So [ profile] fairy_tale_echo and I have issued a VM drabble challenge for today. You can read about it here.

This is my answer to the challenge (spoilers for Weapon of Class Destruction):

This Time )
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Calling all Veronica Mars fans!

The lovely [ profile] fairy_tale_echo had a brilliant idea. She declared that the entire VM community should write a drabble about a certain scene from last night's ep. You know the one I'm talking about.

For the benefit of those who haven't seen the ep yet, I'm putting the exact challenge behind cut-tags.

Get your challenge here! Along with spoilers for Weapon of Class Destruction. )

It's such a great topic. You know you want to play. Write your drabble and post it to your LJ by noon tomorrow. Comment with a link here if you'd like. And I encourage everyone to use cut tags since the ep is so new. It will be like a secret cut-tag drabble society. *g*

Oh, and please pimp in your LJ! The more people who take part the better. Only 100 words. And for such a good cause! :)
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The lovely [ profile] oxoniensis issued her Metamorphosis Challenge, and here's my entry.

Title: An Echolls Family Christmas
Author: Lenore
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Character: Logan
Rating: PG
Summary: Logan doesn't know what it means to be part of a family show.

An Echolls Family Christmas )
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So, thanks to squeeing on my friends list, I've been watching Veronica Mars, and enjoying it. The last episode inspired me to write this coda for the scene between Logan and his father. You know the one I'm talking about.

Title: Family Rituals
Author: Lenore
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Pairing (if you can call it that): Logan/Aaron
Spoilers: Return of the Kane
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: What can I say? I went to the incest place.

Veronica Mars Missing Scene, Beware of Spoilers )

P.S. Like many of you, I am deeply bummed about the election. I have vowed to myself to spend the next four years working for positive change. And writing all the porn I can.


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