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Yes, yes, it IS sad and kind of ridiculous that my WIP amnesty story is so long it needs TWO entries. And yet...

The Prime Time Crime, Part 2 )
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Here's something else I'm liberating from my hard drive. A long, long, LONG time ago, my dear [ profile] barely_bean held a Hardy Boys challenge. There was a list of book titles, and you picked one, and wrote a Hardy Boys style story starring Clark and Lex. I chose "The Prime Time Crime" and decided that after Helen breaks up with Lex, he goes on a reality show called "America's Playboy," and ends up being accused of murder. I had 13,000 words of this before I realized that I really didn't know how to make the plot hold together. Bah!

There is this one little bit where Lex learns Clark's secret that I really like.

The Prime Time Crime, Part 1 )
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It's that time of year again, and I'm liberating some never-gonna-happen wips from my hard drive. Once upon a time I wrote a couple of drabbles toying with the idea of Clark dying and Lex trying to make a clone of him. Here they are:

Pet Project
It takes a freak celestial event to accomplish what Lex never could. Maybe this is why he spends all his time trying to recreate Superman after he's gone.

Trial subject #117's eyes flutter open. The familiar hazel gaze fastens on Lex, bright with newborn curiosity.

Weeks pass, and #117's DNA remains stable, his vitals normal. He learns to walk, then fly. Lex teaches him to read. Charts his strength.

When he's fully developed, Lex administers the final test. "I'm planning to rob a bank today."

#117 frowns. "But that's wrong."

Lex smiles. Reproducing his nemesis' conscience is his greatest achievement.

Right of Ownership

#117 learns jealousy early. Even before he knows the word, he has already learned to hate the person standing between him and what should be his.

The day Lex calls him "Clark" he snaps.

He grabs Lex hard by the wrist and shouts, "Don't ever call me that again!"

Lex regards him calmly. "What should I call you then? #117 seems hardly adequate." His expression grows thoughtful. "How about Kal? That was his name too, but he rarely used it."

"Kal," he tries it out and nods.

It feels right. Everything Clark had and squandered should belong to him now.

I thought it would be cool to make an actual story out of this idea, and I wrote some notes, and some of the dialogue, and then I stopped. But here's what I was planning.

The rest of the story )
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I've come to the conclusion that Veronica Mars just covers too much ground too quickly for me to ever really write in the fandom. This is another story that got jossed all to hell. It's Lilly/Weevil, and I started it way back when in the first season when Logan made that tribute to Lilly, and Weevil got a misty look, and the story behind that might actually have been interesting. It was no time before the show had made it totally irrelevant, but I kept going, because I liked the opening. Then we found out more about Lilly and Weevil and their relationship, and the characterizations didn't even fit anymore. So I stopped working. And this thing has been an albatross around the neck of my hard drive ever since.

I could just let it rot on my computer, but it's half finished, damn it! I could wait for [ profile] wip_amnesty to dump it. But I'm organizing my files now, and I just feel like letting it go. Goodbye little story idea! You were obsolete before your time.

Lilly's Got a Secret )


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