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1. I finished my original hooker fic! least, I finished the rough draft. It needs work, but still. It's an original story, and I didn't abandon it halfway through. This makes the second original thing I've completed this year. Maybe I'm finally overcoming my Gemini start-but-don't-finish-it ways!

2. I'm listening to Fall Out Boy. It's making me happy.

3. I've had exactly zero work to do all day, and I'm seriously ready to go home now.

4. I need to start a new writing project, but I don't know what. I don't even know if I want to work on another original story or maybe some fan fiction. I just don't know!

5. It's Friday!!!!!

WIP Meme

Mar. 5th, 2009 03:35 pm
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Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations [I'm planning to ignore this part of the meme]. No more than one sentence [and also this part *g*]!

Honestly, I think this is more WIP amnesty than anything else for me. Which is too bad! I do like some of these ideas.

1. The chorus had been going on all morning. The lion had started it. "Take it slow!"

I started this story for [ profile] scrunchy's birthday...I don't even know how many years ago. (Sorry, [ profile] scrunchy!) I have a page and a half, and it's funny. I like it! But I have no notes and absolutely no memory of what I had planned for the rest of the story. *sad face*

2. The moment the Ancient artifact went whoosh in his hands, lighting up as bright as a 100-watt bulb, pulsing through every color in the spectrum like some demented Christmas display, John knew he was in trouble.

Began this as a choose-your-own-adventure story. Got busy. Never finished it.

3. "I always knew I didn't trust that Jolly Green Giant dude." Dean just managed to duck as a carburetor went sailing past his head.

You wouldn't think writing a sex toy story starring Sam and Dean would be so difficult, but sadly, it was.

4. It's the stink of disinfectant, a big whiff of it, that John wakes up to, an experience all too familiar.

I was going to write the back-in-Atlantis sequel to Alpha Male, but I never did.

5. Rodney sleeps the way he lives, grasping and expansive. The sheet is tucked tightly beneath his chin, hand fisted in it as if he's fending off cover-nappers in his dreams.

I've been trying to write this voyeurism story for [ profile] barely_bean for a couple of years now. *fails*

Original stuff I'm still working on )

In other news, Elizabeth Bear is bumming me out so much. Please, please stop talking now, E. Bear.

Also, I'm being besieged by Russian spam. I wish this would stop, as well.

On the brighter side, Pete and Patrick are still ADORABLE.
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Get Your Words Out:

In February, I wrote ~37,000 words.
--Finished the rough draft of my [ profile] bandombigbang
--Started an original hooker story that I'm hoping to submit to a male/male romance anthology that has a sex worker theme
--Wrote a few short bandom stories

For March, my goals are to:
--Edit my advertising story (original m/m)
--Edit my bandombigbang story
--Finish my original hooker story

We'll see how that goes!

I've been finding that working on original writing and something fannish at the same time helps me keep productive. I need a new fannish project. So...a poll! (All the options are Pete/Patrick, because that's what all my ideas are about these days. But if you want to suggest something else, feel free.)

[Poll #1358298]
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I just finished the rough draft of my [ profile] bandombigbang! *bounces* Just under 40,000 words of Bedazzled-style devil!Pete and bored!highschooler!Patrick. It still needs polishing and beta reading and revising and whatnot, naturally. But yay rough draft!
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Okay, I've been seeing this around my flist, and I thought: Yeah, right, like that would ever work for me.

But then, I've really been struggling to make my minimum for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo these past few days, so I decided to try it anyway. What the hell, I thought. And oh my God! It's amazing how well it works. My focus wonders terribly when I'm writing. It can take me HOURS to write 500 words. I really didn't think the threat of an obnoxious noise would be enough to MAKE me pay attention. But it totally is. I did Write or Die twice, with a goal of 500 words each time, and I've managed to write almost 1300 words altogether, in less than an hour.

If you're having trouble concentrating, I really recommend giving it a go.
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The state of me and writing:
I think I'm kind of, sort of, hopefully coming out of the "writing makes my brain hurt" thing that's been going on since the summer. I mean, it does still make my brain hurt a little, but not so much that I can't do it. I've been having fun with my Little Black Dress Crossover Challenge story, Fall Out Boy/Burn notice. Pete turns to Michael Westen for help when Patrick's been kidnapped. What's not to enjoy, really? *g* But it's already 10,000 words, and I'm half done? Two-thirds done? Definitely not nearly done enough. Ten thousand words is about as much as I can write comfortably. I'm at the point where I wish I could pay somebody to finish it for me. But...I guess I can't. Unless there are volunteers? *smiles winningly* Seriously, though, I admire people who write long story after long story. I wish it came more naturally to me.

Sometimes, this idea I have that I could someday write a novel is really kind of funny.

There's still time to sign up for the Little Black Dress Crossover Challenge! Or don't sign up and just surprise me! Late entries welcome! It's all good!

Firefly REC!
The lovely, talented [ profile] alizarin_nyc wrote me an amazing, hot, sweet, perfect Mal/Simon story for my birthday, The Flying Game, which you should run, run, run to read if you're a fan of this pairing. It was just everything I love about these two, with bonus drunken dancing and Simon turning the tables and sweet fumbling sexy sweetness. Yay story!


Nov. 29th, 2007 03:30 pm
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I've finished my [ profile] yuletide and [ profile] undermistletoe stories!! *dances in the street*

Thank you!

Nov. 15th, 2007 11:36 am
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To whoever nominated my stories 101 Ways To Get Lucky (In Love) and Only Grumpier and With Darker Hair for the McShep Awards. I'm so flattered!

In other news, the pairings that are interesting me most from the new shows this season are all het couples. I LOVE Chuck/Blair on Gossip Girl with that Dangerous Liaisons Lite thing they've got going on. And I'm also into Charlie/Constance on Life and am sad that everyone else seems to be into Charlie/Dani, because I'd really love to read some fic. Not that I don't enjoy Charlie and Dani's relationship, but I prefer it as partners rather than lovers. And then, *shamefaced*, sometimes when I'm watching Dirty, Sexy Money, and I see the twins, well...*shamefaced*

Yeah. So. Het. Who would have thought it? *g*

P.S. I totally forgot about Pushing Daisies! I love me some Ned/Chuck, maybe with intermediary Olive. Yum!
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(yes, I'm spamming you)

I want to write something really, REALLY dirty.

I just don't know what.

*is restless*
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This seemed like a really fun meme:

The rules are simple. You comment with your username, and people can tell you what they want to see you write. Or draw, or vid, or icon, whatever. Despite the name, they don't have to do it anonymously, though of course they certainly can. You then go through the comments and if you see that person who you've always wanted to write a Green Arrow AU set in the Terror, where Ollie is a Scarlet Pimpernel-esque figure, smuggling people out of Paris, then you tell them that they should write it.

Obviously I'm making no promises, but I'm always open to inspiration, so if you want to tell me what to write, go here.

Who knows? Maybe you all want me to write gen. *g*


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