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Big thanks to everyone who participated in the Pucker Up: Multifandom Mini Challenge! Late entries are completely welcome. If you posted something for the challenge and didn't comment with the link to it, please do. And yay for kissing! :)
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If you're looking for some action, check out:

Pucker Up: The Multifandom Mini Challenge

All kissing scenes, all fandoms, all day long. Go have a look-see!

Also, if you're writing for the challenge, don't forget to leave a link to your story. Thanks!
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Today's the day! Here's a reminder of the super simple rules:

Write a kissing scene you feel good about.
Any fandom, any characters, or original fiction.
Post your scene to your own LJ.
Post a link to your scene here.

Please add your link in the comments with this mini template:
LJ user name:
Title (if there is one):

I'll make a master list for everyone's handy reference. Thanks for playing! And remember you still have all day to write that kiss. :)

Master List )
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This is from a sci-fi story in an anthology of erotica by women writers, my favorite story in the book, probably because it features a male pleasure slave and the female alien who uses him and then falls in the love with him. I've always been a sucker for a pleasure slave story! This kiss isn't so different than ones I've read in fan fiction, but I do just find it hot.

"The rush of pleasure filled me. My knees folded and I found myself kneeling in front of you. Your eyes were wide and faintly puzzled. Then you smiled and gathered my face in your hands. I could feel the shape of my skull, like a cup you brought to your lips. Your eyes closed as you kissed me, drinking deep. Your cool tongue bringing the taste of my own sex into my mouth."

--From "The House of the Twin Jewels" by Gayle Feyrer
in Erotic Interludes, Lonnie Barbach (ed.)
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You know it's official now that it has a name!

Pucker Up: The Multifandom Mini Challenge

The rules are simple:

Write a kissing scene you feel good about.
Any fandom, any characters, or original fiction.
Post your scene to your own LJ on or before November 22.
Post a link to your scene in the official challenge post I'll make on November 22.

Also, please feel free to pimp!

I'm going to post kissing scenes from published works that I especially like to set the mood. The first one, ironically enough, takes place when the couple are on their way for a date at a cavern:

"Pinky shifted the car into park, but left the engine running. "I want to kiss you now, before we get in the cave and I lose complete control." He turned toward her, and suddenly his body, jacketed and huge, appeared suspended above her, hovering, as she sank back against the car door. He closed his eyes and kissed her, long and slow, and she left her sunglasses on so she could keep her eyes open and watch, see how his lashes closed on one another like petals, how his scar zoomed quiet and white about his cheek and chin, how his lips pushed sleepily against her own to find a nest in hers and to stay there, moving, as if in words, but then not in words at all, his hands going round her in a soft rustle, up the back of her sweater to her bare waist and spine, and spreading there, blooming large and holding her just briefly until he pulled away, gathered himself back to himself, and quietly shifted the car into drive."

--"The Jewish Hunter" in Like Life by Lorrie Moore
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There was much consensus in the conversation yesterday about the language of sex scenes that it is really hard to write a good kiss.

So here's your challenge-let should you choose to accept it (and come on, you know you want to!), it's very simple:

Write a kissing scene you feel good about.

Make it sweet or dirty. Long or brief. The beginning or the end. It's up to you. Any fandom, any characters, or original fiction. Write it and post it to your LJ by the end of the day next Tuesday. I'll make a post that day you where you can leave a link.

That's an entire week to write one kiss! And remember, it's not a sex scene. A kiss. Show us what you've got!


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