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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for writing for me! I'm very excited about all the fandoms I requested. You have great taste for offering one of them. :)

Here's some general stuff about my story preferences:

I have a very broad range of enjoyment when it comes to stories. I like slash (dudes and ladies), het and gen. I'm into reading explicit sex if you're into writing it, but all ratings are good. I love relationship stories that show the deepening sense of intimacy between two people (or a group of people if the fandom is Sense8), whether it's a romance or a friendship. I also adore plotty stories, casefiles, action/adventure, future fic, backstory, and my great love for fan fiction cliches never dies! I appreciate angst in a story, especially if the source material really calls for it, but I also enjoy when a story ends on a hopeful note.

A few things I'm not really into are: Non-con (although I don't mind dub con), crossovers, and gore.

Magic Mike XXL: Rome, Paris
Did Paris and Rome have even thirty seconds of screen time together? But whoa, was it memorable. I have so many questions about their back story! How did they meet? What's their relationship? Were they lovers? Business partners? High school friends? The movie certainly suggests that they are both awesome, kick-ass ladies, but it doesn't really flesh them out as characters. I'd love a story that lets me get to know them better, that answers some of my questions. Maybe they had some kind of adventures back in the day. Maybe they have a future together. Whether it's a romance, some hot sexin', or friendship, I'd love to know more about them and their relationship.

Sense8: Sun Bak, Nomi Marks, Lito Rodriguez, Wolfgang Bogdanow
It was tough to choose characters for this fandom, because I'm fascinated by them all, but I finally settled on these four. I'd love to read any and all stories for them. Maybe they help Sun get out of prison, or simply help her pass the time. Or perhaps Wolfgang gets into some sort of scrape, and the other three come to the rescue. Or Nomi needs help staying clear of Whispers. I'd love a story where they all work together for some common goal and advance their intimacy. Of course, if you want to write some orgy action, I'll be more than happy to read it!

Strange Empire: Kat Loving
Kat is my favorite character on the show, and I'd love a story that lets me get to know her better. What was her life like before we meet her in the first episode? Paint me a picture of her childhood. Or how she met her husband. What are her hopes and dreams, for herself and her children? Does she solve the mystery of what happened to Jeremiah? What does the future hold for her? Tell me more about his amazing woman. If you want to include other characters, feel free.

Of course, my suggestions are just that...suggestions. Write the story that speaks to you, and I'm sure it will speak to me too.
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