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The lovely [ profile] oxoniensis is hosting Porn Battle VII over at her LJ. I was perusing the prompts and was particularly intrigued/amused by the bandom crossover ones.

--Pete Wentz/Arthur Pendragon. Okay that's a total achievement in cracktastic genius! I keep trying to imagine it, and the picture threatens to blow out parts of my brain. I was rereading this great Pete-and-Patrick-have-fighting-sex story, I believe by [ profile] longtime_lurker, and it has this fantastic bit about how Pete hooks up with these big, macho guys who think they're going to dominate the hell out of him, only to walk away from the encounter wondering how they got topped by this "tiny emo fag." If someone could take that angle on the Pete/Arthur porn? They would be my hero forever and ever and ever!

--Spencer Reid (of Criminal Minds) with anyone from bandom. Mmmm. Spencer Reid. I think he and Patrick would hit it off, and of course, Pete would be all hostile with jealousy, so he'd need to turn the tables, take back control, and eventually this would lead to a threesome. How, you ask? Blah, blah, logic!cakes, I say. This would be even better if it involved crime-solving. Because I always want my favorite pairs to solve crimes together. (Pete and Patrick investigate the case of the mysterious disappearing room service leftovers!) I'm imagining Pete and Patrick getting involved in some kind of crime, you know as witnesses or bystanders or whatever, and they want to help figure it out, or Pete does, and he drags Patrick along for the ride. And they keep getting in the way, and Spencer has to explain to them why this isn't such a good idea, and then they explain to Spencer why it's not such a good idea that he's wearing so many clothes. It's very tightly plotted, as I think you can see. *g*

Thinking about porn makes me happy. I know this comes as a shock to everyone.
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Last night, I had this big flash of "that's it!" about what to write for my bandom bigbang. I'm very excited! I started making notes on the way to work. A Bedazzled take on Pete/Patrick with bored highschooler Patrick wishing desperately for a more exciting life and devil!Pete with his seven tricky wishes in exchange for 'Trick's soul. If it's already been done, please don't tell me, because I want to write it, and I'm going to write it, and sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

Yay for inspiration!
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So I was just telling [ profile] linaerys at lunch the other day that I've mostly been focused on original writing lately, not so much with fandom. And this morning, I notice that [ profile] bandombigbang is starting up again, and now I'm thinking about signing up. Oi!

But 20,0000 words of Pete/Patrick shenanigans would be so much fun, and my FOB/Burn Notice story was like 23,000 words. So I know I have a bandom big bang in me. I don't exactly have an idea, though. Well, I did have this one long story idea, based on an episode of Eleventh Hour I saw, in which Pete is a cryogenically frozen rock star from the now who wakes up hundreds of years later in a much changed world and future!Patrick tries to help him find a place in future society, and there's sex and angst and sci-fi-ish stuff. I have a whole bunch of notes, but I don't know if I'm really feeling it.

Hmm. Well. I guess I'll have to mull it over. I really should keep my focus on original stuff, I know, but I've never done a bigbang. And 20,000 words really isn't that long.

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That sums up my Sunday.

Of the productivity:
I successfully replaced the hard drive on my laptop. With my own two hands and everything! Okay, okay, I had recovery disks to work with, so I didn't, you know, actually have to UNDERSTAND anything. But I touched my computer's insides and nothing exploded and there was no blue screen of death, so go me.

Of the dirty bandom thoughts:
I started writing some dirty, dirty porn with Pete wearing a skirt, because sometimes it's just that put-Pete-in-a-skirt time in your fan fic writing career.

Also I had this really, really dirty dream which I then spun into an idea for porn. Patrick is a massage therapist and Pete is...maybe still a rock star? I don't know. Anyway he's Patrick's customer, who's a little pervy, because there's always at least one customer who is, but it's kind of okay in this case, because he brings out the perv in Patrick, and the touching gets more and more inappropriate every time Pete comes for a massage until finally they're not even bothering with the pretense. The one image I clearly remember from my dream is Pete's back, all slick with oil, and Patrick's hands moving slowly, firmly up the line of his spine. Then I started imagining that every time Pete turns from his stomach onto his back he takes the opportunity to flash Patrick, no matter how determinedly Patrick tries to hold up the towel to give him some privacy. Because, you know...Pete. And then of course, there's music playing in the room, and Patrick just kind of forgets himself one day and starts to hum. And Pete loves his voice and after that always makes him sing to him while he's massaging him. And that just ratchets up the dirty BIG TIME.

You know, Bandom boys are like John and Rodney in that you can imagine them in a million billion AU scenarios. I like that in a fandom!
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I was taken to the slashy place for the first time since I started watching the show. And yet, there seems to be no Don/Pete slash. Is that possible? Or am I just not looking in the right place? Pete so seems to want it, and although Don seems pretty damned straight to me, I can imagine him giving it to Pete, bent across his desk, in exasperation or to teach him a lesson or something. Something dirty and hot and a little mean. Mmm.
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Now that I've gotten past my vow of "I'll never write baseball slash," it's all I want to do! I amused myself last night with a ramshackle story idea Cut to spare the non JeteRod fans )

So, that's it. That's my story idea. What can I say? Their love makes me maudlin and schmoopy! *g*
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I spent much of the evening working on a Mal/Simon story (one where their clothes actually come off, woohoo!), and now I have this scene in my head that's not even from this story, but from this other idea that I want to write, because I have, let's see, like four backlogged Firefly stories I'm dying to write now, now, now.

Anyhoo, in this scene Mal and Simon end up in a hotel room together, through various misadventures, while the Serenity crew is getting some shore leave, so they go with it and have sex. And later, they take a bath together, and Simon has his arms around Mal, and he's washing him, and he's amazed that Mal is letting him, letting him take his time and touch and explore. And Mal leans back against him, letting his head rest on Simon's shoulder, and he's telling a story and laughing, and Simon thinks that he's never seen Mal so relaxed before. Thinks that he really wouldn't mind seeing more of it. Thinks he could fall in love with Malcolm Reynolds if he isn't very careful.

*sighs* They're all wet and naked and smiling. It's damned pretty in my head. I wish I could take a picture of it and show you all!

In other news, while doing my music research for that commercial we're working on, I quite liked some Fall Out Boy songs, and watching the videos won me over to the charm of Pete/Patrick. So much so that I asked [ profile] swanswan for links.

So, yeah, it's like that, apparently. *g*

Although not to fret [ profile] anitac588, I still <3 John and Rodney best of all!
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That's how I've been amusing myself today. Reimagineering my favorite sappy made-for-TV holiday sap fests with John and Rodney. Oh, the cheer! Oh how I got carried away! *g*

Here's the first synopsis:

The Christmas List )
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So I found some spam in my inbox this morning with this subject line:

Even an ant is bigger than your penis?

*laughs, cries* I have this image in my head of Team Sheppard getting caught in the crossfire of a civil war on some planet. The guys get hit by this funky purple beam weapon thingy. Only it doesn't do anything. Or at least they think it doesn't do anything. When they get back to Atlantis and go to the locker room to get cleaned up, they discover that things (in their pants!) aren't quite the way they were when they headed out for the mission. Apparently, the people on this planet use an "undermine your enemy's self-esteem" strategy. Eventually Keller figures out how to reverse it, but not before Rodney spends much time loudly opining the loss of his, thank you very much, prodigious endowment, Sheppard threatens to shoot Rodney if he doesn't keep his voice down (he really prefers his size problem to be his own little secret, thank you very much), and Ronon shrugs and says at least it still feels good when he jacks off.

Oh, it's so mean! It makes me laugh so! *bg*

ETA: So it's been the day for penis-oriented spam. I got another one with this subject line:
Blue whale's penis is 3 meters because he tried Penis Enlarge Patch

Now, I'm thinking that whatever Keller does to fix the problem overshoots the mark. Rodney is all excited, because, hey, his penis is back and better than ever, only to have his excitement cooled a bit when John balks at letting Rodney fuck him, something he's usually all too eager for, because as John puts, he would like to be able to sit down again at some point in the future. Hee!
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Last night I went for dinner and pink drinks with some of my favorite fangirls, and this morning, I woke up with this fuzzy half-dream, half-thought.

What if Rodney was--or even more amusingly, was simply convinced--that he was like a human lie detector when in the throes of passion? It's totally one of his conceits. And somehow John learns about this and sees an opportunity. Suddenly, there are anonymous pranks being played on Rodney, and someone steals his pudding cup at lunch, and he has a pretty good idea who it is.

He storms over to John's room and accuses, "You!"

John, whistling innocently, "I have no idea what you mean."

Rodney, pointing a finger, "Get your pants off. Get them off now!"

Hee. Oh, Rodney. Oh, fangirls.
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So, busy morning, and it wasn't until lunchtime that I finally got on the Internets, and yay! There was a lovely surprise waiting for me. [ profile] tardis80 made me a fabulous cover for my story Only Grumpier and With Darker Hair. That Marilyn thing was really just supposed to be funny, but oh my God! There's TOTALLY a resemblance. *loves* You guys should go check out the cover.

Lately, other TV shows have been rich, rich fodder for SGA AU ideas (or perhaps one might just call them fantasies *g*), and last night's CSI was GOLD!!! Cut to spare people who will be watching that show... )
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So this morning, I was thinking about ideas I find hot that I probably won't ever write, and, hey, big fat cliche or not, a scenario where Rodney's a virgin and aliens make John deflower him...well, what can I say? I'm a sicko. I won't ever write it because I can't honestly imagine Rodney as a virgin. I much, much prefer the characterization of him as not being all that good at everything that leads up to clothes coming off, but once he closes the deal, he's a bobcat in bed. Now, that I believe. I mean, have you seen the man and what he can do with those hands? But virgin!Rodney? It still gives me a tacky Harlequin thrill.

Here's what I like to imagine... )
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I feel restless. (Note mood icon.) I've shot through my to-do list:

--Complete work that I'm actually being paid for. Check. (Although in the interest of full disclosure, it's not like there was that much of it to begin with.)
--Meet today's Mistletoe storywriting goal. Check. (Actually I shot way past it and finished most of tomorrow's, and now I'm utterly burned out on writing for the day.)
--Write tomorrow's holiday fluff. Check. (I did this on the train this morning, which is strangely conducive to fluff.)
--Get Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. Check.
--Quell rage at how ridiculously expensive Peppermint Mocha is. Check. Mostly.
--Beg people on LJ to come out and play with me. That's what I'm working on now!

I was thinking we could share porny thoughts. There are so many porntastic shows that people are watching on my flist. Let's discuss the smutty possibilities!

I'll go first. So, I woke up this morning thinking about the Petrelli brothers (from Heroes, for those who don't watch the show) in very graphic detail, and I liked it. Okay? I liked it! Here's specifically what was on my mind. Cut for the Petrellicest, although it is practically canon. )

Okay, so my porny thought kind of ran off at the mouth. But yours can be briefer if you want! Any fandom! Any anything! Won't you come and play?
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So I've spent all day so far daydreaming about John and Rodney getting married. I was never the kind of gal who fantasized about wedding dresses and who I'd ask to be my bridesmaids, so this is what I do instead. *g*

John and Rodney and how I imagine them tying the knot and a big old sap alert )
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Forces have conspired to make me want to cast SGA characters in A Chorus Line. Conspired, I tell you. Also, I'm waiting around at work for stuff to be finished, so I can check it and go. You guys, I'm afraid, are the ones to suffer!

So...on to the casting.

Cut for sheer lunacy )

If you've lost your mind too, and have other ideas for casting, please feel free to add them!

ETA: This isn't fic! No matter what it says on the newsletter. This is me being a goofball. And making you all suffer through my goofball-dom.


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