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2008 was a really uneven year for me writing-wise. I started out with a lot of inspiration, and then I didn't write a word for four months, and then I did [ profile] mini_nano which totally revitalized my writing and got me going again. That and Write or Die, which I pull out whenever I'm staring off into space when I'm supposed to be writing. I ended up with over 160,000 words between fandom and original stuff, which I was surprised (and pleased) by. The thing I'm happiest about is that I finished two things that were 20,000 words or more, which is a big accomplishment for me.

2008 and me and writing )

For 2009, I'm doing [ profile] getyourwordsout, with a goal of 250,000 words for the year. I want to work on writing longer stories, and I want to submit at least one original m/m romance to an e-publisher. Those are my main objectives for the year. And of course, I'll write some fannish stuff. Because having fun is always one of my resolutions! :D

Here are the ideas I'm either working on now or planning to work on:

--Advertising story, with Rodney-esque character who's a genius creative director and a John-esque character who's a prospective client with his company on the line. There's flirting and secret liaisons and intrigue, because all's fair in love and advertising. (Written ~30,000, with about 10,000 more to go.)

--Baseball story, with an aging pitcher and a puppyish young catcher just called up from the minors. It's attraction right from the start, but can our heroes put together a winning season and a lasting romance when getting found out could mean the end of both their careers? (Written ~30,000 words, about halfway finished.)

--Bandom-inspired romance #1. The Patrick-esque character is a massage therapist, whose aspirations toward a music career had to be put on hold after his parents died leaving him to take care of his younger brother. The Pete-esque character is an entertainment lawyer who has a standing weekly appointment with Patrick. When things go from professional to personal between them, will it mean the start of big things for Patrick? Or is this Peter Pan with the charming smile just another heartbreak waiting to happen?

--Bandom-inspired romance #2. This one is a sci-fi AU. The Patrick-esque character is an eminent mathematician and amateur musician who is all work, work, work. He takes a security consulting assignment on a casino world where everything is all pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. Things get really interesting when the impresario of the casino world insists that Patrick avail himself of one of the amenities of the place: a beautiful, dark-eyed companion (aka hooker!Pete-esque character). But is there more to Patrick's seductive new paramour than meets the eye? Will the secrets of Pete's past destroy more than their budding romance?

Also, fanfic wise, I'm working on the Pete-in-a-skirt story, because I just can't help myself!

If I decide to natter on more about this stuff, I'll set up a filter, so I won't torture people who don't want to be tortured. For now, though, I'm trying to talk less and do more. That usually works better for me! *g*
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Recounting the year in porn is one of highlights of the new year for me. *g*

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I'm home! Had a lovely Christmas, nice visit with the family, and's good to be back. I've mostly unpacked, and I'm trying to catch up on LJ, but it's looking pretty hopeless. I think I'm at, like, skip=4 trillion.

Nothing says "I've returned to everyday life" quite like posting on LJ, does it? *g* In that spirit, I've made my usual year-end list of stories I've written in 2006. My fan writing goal for the 2007 is to try to write longer, meatier stories. We'll see how long that lasts!

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I am back from the holidays with:

--many lovely presents (yay!)
--a cold (boo!)
--the knowledge that lack of practice does NOTHING to improve my driving (although at least I didn't do any damage)
--an idea for a Supernatural story (plus some residual guilt for imagining hot sibling incest during the season of wholesome family fun)
--the feeling that I ate way too much (which, well, I did)
--that old New Year's desire to make lists *g*

2005 Fan Fic Year in Review )

Last year, I had a kind of blah feeling about my writing when I did the list, but this year, there are some things I really like on it. And it's been fun getting involved with new fandoms. So yay for 2005!

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Happy New Year, everyone!

I spent a nice evening last night with my mom and got back to New York today. It's hard to believe my vacation is almost over! I had a nice time with the family. I ate more than should be humanly possible. And I even made one slashy discovery.

Oceans Eleven.

I'd never seen it before. My brother is a fan of the original movie, so we watched the remake when it was on network TV. At the end…Read more... )

I got back home to discover I'd gotten a postcard from my college boyfriend whom I haven't spoken with in, like, fifteen years. The postcard is of the area where my family lives. All it said was happy holidays, and was signed from him, his wife and kids, whom I've never met. Actually I didn't even know he was married or had children. We didn't exactly end on the best of terms, and that's why we haven't kept in touch. So I'm really wondering. What is with this postcard?

I love to make year-end lists. Actually, I love to make lists period. So I did a year-end fandom wrap up. It was a fun year!

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