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The response to the challenge was amazing! So much great, great stuff. Stories and art and vids in so many fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Smallville, Supernatural, Nancy Drew, DC verse, Veronica Mars, Sports Night, and Harry Potter. Thank you to everyone who participated! And to anyone who wanted to create something or is still working on something, it's not called the "Summer of Love" challenge for nothing. This baby is open all summer long!

I'm going to be a space hog and not cut the list of the challenge responses. Please go and read or have a look, and send the creators some love.

All The Leaves Are Brown by [ profile] poisontaster (SGA, gen)
Where My Music's Playing by [ profile] poisontaster (SPN, Sam/Dean, PG)
Painted Black by [ profile] tiscwslabmuz (Nancy Drew, Nancy/Ned, PG-13)
I Fought the Law by [ profile] kyanoswolf (Joker, PG-13)
Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been? by [ profile] sanyin (SPN, John/Mary, slight John/Dean, R)
Shuffle (Greatest Hits of 1966) by [ profile] fairy_tale_echo (Veronica Mars, ensemble, Logan/Veronica, R)
Forget the Rolling Stones by [ profile] sakuracorr (SPN, gen, PG-13)
Sunshine Superman by [ profile] yavannauk (SV, Clark/Lex pre-slash, PG-13)
Safe and Warm by [ profile] moonlash_cc (SGA, McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka, NC-17)
Shapes of Things by [ profile] hyperfocused (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG to NC-17)
Don't Mess With Superman by [ profile] mahaliem (SV/DC, Superman/Lex, PG-13)
Psychotic Reaction by [ profile] scrunchy (SN, Dan/Casey, PG)
Hero Complex by [ profile] celli (SV/SGA/SPN crossover, gen, R)
Hungry by [ profile] chicklet_girl (SGA, John/Rodney, R)
It Bites by [ profile] candygramme (SPN, Sam/Dean ultimately, PG)
No Matter What Shape by [ profile] yavannauk (SGA, John/Rodney, NC-17)
I Would Not Feel So All Alone by [ profile] mosca (VM, Logan/Weevil, PG-13)
Evocation by [ profile] halfshellvenus (SPN, Gen, PG)

The perfect Lex icon to the tune of "The Sound of Silence" by [ profile] norwich36
I Am A Rock, an SPN vid by [ profile] carson_leigh (SPN, John Winchester)
634-5789, fan art that makes me want to reach for the phone! by [ profile] like_cheap_wine (multifandom)
Nowhere Man, a gorgeous drawing by [ profile] goss (HP)
Groovy kind of love McShep icon by [ profile] beeej

If I left anyone off, please let me know, and I'll add a link. And accept my groveling apologies! I'm a little organizationally challenge. *g*
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The Summer of Love challenge is now open! Post a list to your story, vid, artwork, etc. that's based on one of the top 100 songs of 1966 here. And thank you so much for taking part. It's a very, very happy birthday to me!
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To take part in:

Lenore's Utterly Egocentric Summer of Love Challenge

It's the least pressure-filled challenge ever. No signing up necessary. No commitments. No restrictions. Just pick one of the top 100 songs of 1966, pick a fandom, and put your creativity to work. Post what you come up with on June 20th.

How about an SGA AU to the tune of "If I Were a Carpenter" or a sexy vampire SPN-something riffing on "Hungry." Come on! You know you want to. :)
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I'm going to be 40 in, oh, about three weeks. I'm feeling good about it. More than that, actually. I'm feeling self-indulgent. *g* So I'm issuing a story challenge. Because I CAN.

Lenore's Utterly Egocentric Multifandom Summer of Love Challenge

1. Peruse this list of the Top 100 Songs of 1966 (the year I was born!).

Top 100 Songs of 1966 )

2. Comment and let me know which one(s) you choose. This is mostly a matter of curiosity on my part. It's fine if people want to do the same song. No pressure! No commitment! It's all about the fun!

3. Write a story, any story, any fandom, any length, or make a manip or a vid, any anything you want that somehow relates to your song.

4. Post it to your LJ and link to the entry I'll make on Tuesday, June 20th (my birthday!).

Think of the possibilities, my friends! The SGA story "Land of 1,000 Dances" (#85), the SV story "Cherry, Cherry" (#75), all the SPN "ghost shoe" fun you could have with "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" (#13). Come play (and feel free to pimp)! It will make me so, so happy. :)


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