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1. Losing an hour is HARD. I miss that hour. A lot. I know I'll be glad this evening when it's seven o'clock and still light out. But right now, I'm all: give me my damned hour back.

2. I had brunch with my friend and her daughter, and that was very nice. Walked home in 60 degree weather. Yay spring!

3. You know what I really want to see on my TV? A crossover episode thingy with Criminal Minds and The Mentalist, wherein the team from CM gets called in by a local jurisdiction on the Red John case, and Patrick Jayne shows up, all this is my case and I'm going to be the one to solve it. Can you imagine the CM team and how they'd react to Patrick Jayne? It would be awesome! And then, of course, the storyline would continue on The Mentalist, and maybe they'd catch Red John, but probably they wouldn't this time around, and then they could work together again, and there could be another crossover episode thingy again in the future. For the win!

4. Watched tons of baseball yesterday, and I know you'll all be shocked to hear it, but I STILL LOVE DEREK JETER. You know, just in case you were wondering.

5. This morning, I read, oh my God, this super, super satisfying Pete/Patrick romance novel Victorian AU in space story, wherein (that's my word for the day, by the way!) Pete is a rich, but rather shady gentleman and Patrick becomes his kept man to save his brother from gambling debts. Kept man! That's right below besmirching on the big list of things Lenore can't resist. I don't know how I didn't find this story sooner.

6. I'm excited that the The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency is going to be a show on HBO. I adore the books, and I hope I like the series, as well. Also, looking forward to Nathan Fillion in Castle. And some slashy goodness modern day biblical style in Kings.

7. MOST IMPORTANTLY! Thank you to my darling [ profile] anitac588 for the daisy for my profile page. That was so sweet of you. And happy International Women's Day to my dear ladies on my flist and everyone who stops by to visit. You are all awesome, and I'm so happy to know you.
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Wow, the AP is reporting that the Sox traded Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers. That's Despite all the rumblings, I never honestly expected that to happen.
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Title: Cotton Candy Colored Lip Gloss
Fandom: Baseball RPS
Pairing: Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~3,000
Summary: Alex gets into some trouble. Derek helps him out.
Disclaimer: This is purely fictional! And just for fun! No harm intended!

Note: I think the word "warning" is too strong, but I did feel that I should mention there's ladies lingerie involved. And, you know, handcuffs. *g*

Derek likes to think he has as much imagination as the next person, but it never once occurred to him to wonder what Alex would look like in lingerie and makeup. If he had ever tried to picture it, no doubt he would have laughed his ass off. Yet here Alex is laid out in front of him in this little black number, and it's strangely not ridiculous... )
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Title: Love In An Elevator
Fandom: Baseball RPS
Pairing: Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~1,700
Summary: Derek and Alex get stuck in an elevator. Which has a mirror.

Note: This is for my second annual Birthday Smut-athon, in which I write smut to celebrate my birthday from prompts provided by my friends list, and it's also for [ profile] kink_bingo. Thanks to my dear [ profile] anitac588 for the prompt.

He's staring at Derek's mouth, and he leans in even closer, and it's clear that if Alex has his way they'll be putting on a show for whoever's manning the front desk... )
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Now that I've gotten past my vow of "I'll never write baseball slash," it's all I want to do! I amused myself last night with a ramshackle story idea Cut to spare the non JeteRod fans )

So, that's it. That's my story idea. What can I say? Their love makes me maudlin and schmoopy! *g*
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Title: Five Times Derek and Alex Almost Get Caught
Fandom: Baseball RPS
Pairing: Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~10,000
Summary: The title says it all.

Notes: Big thanks to [ profile] barely_bean for beta reading, even though this isn't really her fandom. Thanks also to [ profile] linaerys for the prompt. This story is dedicated to my dearest [ profile] punny who is having a birthday on Friday. Derek and Alex, I'm sure, join me in wishing you the best, most funnest day ever and a fantastic upcoming year. *hugs*

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, sadly, and this is purely a work of fiction.

Contrariness flares in Alex's chest, and he yanks Derek by the collar of his T-shirt, making him stumble. Derek's eyes fly open in surprise as Alex lays another kiss on him, hot and wet and defiant. Derek needs only a second to catch up, and then he's stroking Alex's cheek and kissing him back. Alex clenches his arms around Derek, and he wants so violently. Wants to have Derek, be him, best him... )
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There's a new gym that has opened across the street from my office, and it has apparently hired Derek Jeter to brandwhore for them. They have his (gorgeous!) face plastered everywhere. On signage outside. On posters inside. There's even a video of him playing on a big screen above the membership desk. I keep finding excuses to walk by and linger. I was pretty seriously considering joining, although just because it's so pretty and Jeterian inside doesn't necessarily mean I'd actually use it. But then, our HR person investigated a corporate membership, and even that was Manhattan gym expensive. Which is more than I want to pay.

Oh, well. At least I'll always have their signage! It makes me happy.
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If Derek Jeter had broken his hand the very day that A-Rod finally came back to the lineup, I would have CRIED. Really HARD.
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Jeter keeps having these moments with Ivan Rodriguez in this series against Detroit. It's like with A-Rod out of the lineup, he's just looking for any Rodriguez he can get.

Oh, Derek!
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So, last night I had a crisis of entertainment, because I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for Supernatural to come back on, but it's that point in the season where baseball has totally taken over my brain. What to do, what to do? Sam and Dean? Or Derek Jeter? Then it started to rain again in Chicago, so the decision was made for me. Since the Yankees blew a lead at the end of the game, it was the right decision. Thanks, weather!

Ghostfacers )

Tonight, it's back to baseball, at least a little bit of it. I'm hoping that A-Rod is back in the lineup soon. Jeter doesn't hit as well without him. He has less motivation to get on base, because there's no one to drive him in! *g*
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The [ profile] yuletide nominations are up. Now, I've never actually done Yuletide before, but this year, my dear, dear [ profile] punny has taken a slashy interest in the Yankees. This pleases me very, very much. So I'm going to do Yuletide, and I'm going to help Punny advocate for Jeter/A-Rod RFP (or JeteRod, as I like to call it). Because, as Punny says, they deserve to have at least as much smut written about them as Jsquared or the boy bands.

Some of you may remember that once upon a time I drew a line in the sand about baseball slash, but, hey, you know how sand is. A big wind blows up, and there goes your line! Besides, when the subjects themselves talk in public about their sleepovers and have a breakup to rival Beniffer's in media coverage, then all bets are off, I say.

For the JeteRod saga in a nutshell, read this:

Please note the sleepovers five nights a week.

Click here for more convincing--not kind to dial up )


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